Playing Catch up, House Sorting, Long Hair & Mini Kindle Review



Marlaina Korsa 6 days ago
Your vlogs don’t have to be super interesting we just like experiencing your life with you and that’s why we watch❤️
Sis Rainey 6 days ago
Not a boring repetitive person at all. Your day to day life is why we are here 😂 we enjoy YOU. Watching your vlogs is like being a friend that gets to tag along with you and we love it.
Mellissa Kelly 6 days ago
OMG!! Who else got super excited when they saw the notification? Missed you soo much Zoe!
carly hice 6 days ago
also A TIPSY MARK FERRIS IS MY FAVE MARK FERRIS 🥰♥️♥️♥️🥳😂 I love how real he is always and forevs
Sarcastic Yay 6 days ago
Zoe looks like a young suburban pinterest mom this whole vlog and i’m here for it
felicity 5 days ago
girl you could film an hour long video of a time lapse of cleaning the house and i'd still watch 💕
D e b b y 4 days ago
Its not a good fall starting without Zoe vlogs🍂🍁💛☕
jay karim 6 days ago
Zoe always posts whenever im the most tensed and stressed and ur videos help me calm down....i have my gcse results tmmrw so feeling v anxious x
Izzy Jackson 6 days ago
Your videos are the reason i love cosy evenings!
Didn't see anyone mentioning this in the comments, but the white stuff on your plants is a plant parasite, and you can get rid of it with a cotton bud dipped in rubbing alcohol if you only have a couple. When you have that many though, you're better off turning the plants into compost. They're nasty little buggers! Anyways, hope that helps x
YAY missed you sooo muchhhhh. It’s like seeing an old friend ☺️
pleeeease don’t feel like that, i personally like the casual vlogs that you make because they are the real ones. I’m just happy to see how are you living a basic day, that keeps me motivated and adds more energy in my life. keep on going🌸🌸🌸💫
Macey Smith 4 days ago
Noooo don’t feel boring etc! Your videos bring me so much joy I’m happy watching you do anything 😁🥰
Lily May 6 days ago
I’ve been missing these videos 😩❤️
drama llama 6 days ago
I saw house sorting in the title and I thought “Harry Potter?” And then realised no, it’s just you
Natasha63323 6 days ago
I have missed your videos please don't stop I have been watched you sins day 1 xx
Jessica Wight 3 days ago
I'm doing couch to five k!! Up to week 8 and it's getting better now I have to run without breaks, keep going!!
Harriet Togher 4 days ago
I can’t wait for your autumn and winter videos! Will you be doing Vlogmas this year? Xx
Taylor King 6 days ago
That sweater is giving me FALL vibes which means it’s almost CHRISTMAS which means VLOGMAS🙌🏽❤️
Lindsay Scott 6 days ago
OMG your hair!! LOVE IT SO MUCH! AMAZING !! 💜💜xx every time I see a notification for one of your videos I click as soon as possible love it!!