THE BIG BATTLE! (Hunting OpTic/100T) - Ep.15



VillaFansFC 6 days ago
STOP BEING SO NICE TO JACK! He isnt too you! Slay him and take his goods!
jede213 6 days ago
Stop feeling bad and giving stuff back. they dont. we all want to see you be more evil.
Kai Lewis 6 days ago
Syndicate is just way too nice on this series man, would be so much better if he wasn't
STEEL HAWK 6 days ago
Tom is simultaneously the smartest and stupidest minecraft play I have ever seen lmao.
Reece Norbury 6 days ago
Anyone else find it really annoying hes just giving them their stuff back when they keep his
Msanders100 6 days ago
Stop giving their stuff back, they won’t do it to you
Lexicon 2000 6 days ago
Tom: Kicks Courage's ass twice but still decides to give all his stuff back to Courage afterwards

Courage: Gets a lucky kill on Syndicate, burns half of Syndicate's stuff in lava, and doesn't give a single item back.
Levi Ackerman 5 days ago
Stop giving him loot back. If you’re gonna attack be vicious. Also your stupidity is your downfall. Why you keep playing like a clown is beyond me
Nickenchugets 6 days ago
TOM STOP GIVING THE STUFF BACK. People want this to be hunting optic season 2, not u being bullied by someone who has played minecraft for a month..
Sumperston 6 days ago
Tom you need to stop being so nice cause they never wanna give your stuff back. You gotta just play their game, kill em take all their stuff
DannyFerg 6 days ago
When he combined the looting 3 with bane of arthropods i cried
GoodCall 6 days ago
And thats how tom lost 40+ diamonds in 15 minutes
Cameron Symns 3 days ago
I hate how Tom never gets his stuff back and his bases destroyed yet they get everything baxk
A Tree On Legs 6 days ago
I love you but you need to stop being nice, just take his stuff stop giving it him back, if he wants to fight you and betray you over and over let him and you take his stuff when you win fairly just like he would to you if you lost
Razor Teverek 6 days ago
Pretty lame that you kept giving Jack his stuff back. There's no punishment for his insolence.
Parker Hill 6 days ago
Watching you not read the level 30 enchantment hurt my inner gamer
MikeyHopeMedia 6 days ago
Am I the only one that’s pissed that he gave jack all his stuff back even though jack was going to keep all of Toms stuff
B00M Gaming 3 days ago
Gotta stop being so nice he keeps your stuff but you wont keep his he said it was war
Vexolyte 6 days ago
Tom, you play too nice. its hunting for a damn reason.
Tom, you're a lot less geared than everyone else because when you fight them you lose your gear, and then when you get some gear back you just hand it over to them. You're actually losing stuff from every fight with these guys. Please stop being so soft with them. We want to see you be ruthless. We want to see blood. They don't show you the mercy you show them. You don't have to be merciful to guys so much more geared than you.