Richard Hammond reveals the new Land Rover Defender



paland4 3 days ago
This would have been the perfect next generation Land Rover Discovery....
S. Hoffman 2 days ago
It has become just another Range Rover :-( RIP Defender
Alan Gladman 2 days ago
Great looking new Discovery, but where's the Defender you talked about?
Doc MC 2 days ago
The front isn’t doing the car justice... it’s not a defender, More a discovery
BC Explorer 22 hours ago
Another legend turned into a plastic cross over.
General Kony 4 days ago
Going overlanding in remote parts of Africa with a complex supercomputer seems like a good idea
Chris H 1 day ago
It's ugly af. That all plastic gray trim? So bad
Finn Ruhe 2 days ago
Okay, I will now buy a TOYOTA Landcruiser 76 Series
Iain McCowan 2 days ago
Oh good! Land Rover built a Honda Element, but why? 🤢
Garbage Land-rover Defender they suppose to do like the G wagon
ludocrat 4 days ago
Too shiny. Too flash. Not for farmers or armies, but for rich mummies wanting to look cool on the school run. And it will sell by the bucket load.
Jerrod Corey 2 days ago
Put either of those toe-to-toe to the last outgoing Defender 90 off road and do a ruggedness and off-road comparison and we'll see who is who.
I'm definitely not a fan of all that plastic shit on the nose. Horrible attempt at recreating a classic. Anyone agree ?
Yo Momma 1 day ago
JUNK! It doesn't even have solid axles... This looks like a Kia soul had a baby with a Samsung refrigerator!
The Saint 2 days ago
The only true analogue offroader/overlander is now the 70 Series Landcruiser which is only available in countries with a lot of mining.

A lot of Defender drivers would have scoffed at the Cruiser. Not now.
t r 2 days ago
What the actual hell. The moment the word “supercomputer” even entered the conversation they should have scrapped it. It is the antithesis of everything the defender (and Land Rover itself come to that) should stand for. If I can’t pressure wash the interior I’m not interested.
Mike V 4 days ago
This is the best thing to happen to Suzuki sales since... well, ever.
Another car to be parked badly in supermarkets and outside schools. I cannot see any 'series' owner even looking at this with any form of recognition.
Peter Bird 2 days ago
Ugly or what??? The original was a thousand times better...
Sorry , but this is NOT a Defender !! Maybe it is NEW and FANCY , but don`t call it a Defender :-(
That`s it , and goodbye Land Rover. Perhaps , we have to go for a JEEP next time !
Ash Williams 2 days ago
Suzuki Jimny MY2019 is a great offroader. Real offroader. The new-Defender is a mistake! Real mistake!