Miley Cyrus - Slide Away (Official Video)



MileyCyrusVEVO 1 week ago
Aysha Ayub 2 days ago
I think this music video is specifically directed to we can't stop that she is not she used to be
Necro Maat 3 days ago
Something very Bittersweet Symphony about this song. I like it.
Chris Kar 1 day ago
2019 Miley year: Nothing Breaks Like A Heart, Mother’a Daughter , Slide Away , Don’t Call Me Angel
This girl has fascinated me, I listen to this song 10 times a day ...
Alicia McLean 3 days ago
This song is basically Miley saying “I’m done with my old life and all this partying. It’s time to move on and find myself” so pure 😍💗
Lovely Ariana 2 days ago
Who’s here after “Don’t Call me Angel”?💖😍
Zin Tielk 2 days ago
I think she grew up and realized there's no real party in the USA. ;)
Giselle Sicat 2 days ago
Miley I felt your pain crying in the pool. Everythings gonna be alright and time could only heal.❤
No one has a voice like her. You can recognize her immediately. Her transformation has been amazing to watch
PsBandofMen 3 days ago
Never been a big fan of her music, however this is superb. Please more like this
Howdy 2 days ago
I don't comment much but man this was so well done.
This song is helping me a lot getting over my break up😩😩

But wait I've never been in relationship 🤔🧐
Carla Burkhart 2 days ago
"Move on we're not seventeen,
I'm not who I used to be."

More people need to start appreciating growth and the people who have fully transitioned from children into adults - things change, you make mistakes. You don't have to forgive the mistakes of others that wronged you, but you could also understand that it takes times to become clear on who you are, vs who you really want to be.

Let it go, for your own mental health alone, let your own mistakes and those of others that affected you go.
Sara 2 days ago
I don't know why... but wow she is drop dead gorgeous in this video.
iz a 2 days ago
Sadly for them, the best poets and artists are troubled.
Luckily for us, they create the best songs ever.
Raven Williams 2 days ago
If Miley Cyrus started making music like this I'd be a fan
Courtney Colon 2 days ago
This sounds a lot like she’s singing about her separation from Liam. So sad and very addictive
I'm back for the ....idk how many times, this song is fire. Also you should do a break up song with Post Malone. The two of you have the same vibe rn.
Chase Jones 1 day ago
The band Fire Tiger covered this song, and it's amazing.
Search: Miley Cyrus Slide Away Cover by Fire Tiger ✌️