Sarah Jeffery - Queen of Mean (From "Descendants 3")



Jesus Zavala 2 weeks ago
And once again, why do villains ALWAYS have the best songs?
Dark Phoenix 21 hours ago
Audrey in D1: The Evil Queen has no royal status here
Also Audrey in D3: They're gonna bow to the Evil Queen
queen B reveles 21 hours ago
Anyone else addicted to the song since the movie came out???
Dawncloud 13 hours ago
D1 shes so annoying
D2 where'd she go?
D3 we all like evil audrey
Kayrena Meyers 12 hours ago
Museum with the most powerful and evil enchanted objects

Gets broken into by high schoolers TWICE
Which Audrey was better?

Like for= Evil Queen Audrey

Comment = Nice Version at the end

You can do anything for both your choice!
tenorbuds 8 hours ago
I'm so happy that Audrey finally got a solo song. Sarah Jeffery’s voice is absolutely beautiful and she really shined throughout the movie. I especially loved the twist how Audrey, the daughter of Sleeping Beauty ended up being the villain. What a turn of events. I absolutely loved this movie and all the songs and we just covered the songs "Queen of Mean" and “Good To Be Bad” on my channel, hope you will watch it. Did you like Audrey as the villain of the movie?
Lil’ Kitchen 16 hours ago
2:20 When Audrey throws the apples- Evie: Am I a joke to you
Thanos 14 hours ago
I Have Seen Many Disney Songs

But This

This Does Put Smile On My Face:)
CanalDa Milk 22 hours ago
She could've stolen the genie's lamp and wished to become The Queen of Auradon, but she didn't, because she's meant to be the queen of mean
Jonathan Eiter 2 weeks ago
You don’t need a Prince Audrey💖💙

You got #1 Trending you won sis🏆💕
Olivia summers 21 hours ago
''Being nice was my pastime but ive been hurt for the last time.''
RIP CAMERON BOYCE. U never failed to make us smile.
Masked Tsundere 13 hours ago
Mal: didn't you have brown hair a movie ago?
Audrey: weren't you everyone's favorite VK a movie ago?
Sarah Eubanks 16 hours ago
If you like this comment I pray that God give you your heart desires 🙏🙏
Loli Delgado 12 hours ago
Who thinks Audrey is sooo pretty. Just me ok.😪🤧
Ally ASMR 1 week ago
The irony of Sleeping Beauty’s daughter stealing Maleficent’s scepter and pretty much becoming the new Maleficent. Also, I don’t know why, but Audrey looks so much better as a villain.
Lathifah Ludmilla 13 hours ago
mal has left the chat
Audrey has joined the chat

Maleficent : hello new daughter
Pikis 19 hours ago
Audrey: “ I never thought of myself as mean. “

Also Audrey: “ I totally DON’T blame your mother for trying to KILL my parents..heh.. “
Ally ASMR 12 hours ago
D1: Mal, Carlos, Jay, and Evie take so much time and planning to try and steal Fairy Godmother’s wand and almost get caught still.
D3: Audrey just casually walks in steals the crown and scepter and becomes a totally new person without anyone noticing.
I hate my life 21 hours ago
Love this song

Forget mal move to audrey

Also leave a like if you love her evil look