What I Wore: Robin van Persie



Wand of a left foot, bullet of a head RVP 🇳🇱
Squish Madis 1 week ago
Don’t care what anyone says, but RVP is class. Baller. 🙏🏽
Sameer Saud 1 week ago
Do one for Ibra.
Would be an hour long video.
This man was something else
Jim Bobby 1 week ago
Robin was a baller.
Ulisandro 10 1 week ago
Still fuming about the red he got vs Barca
Darnell .Shaw 1 week ago
Do one with evra.
BLAIZ - SNU 1 week ago
Still speaks better English than Harry Kane🤣🤣
Abdur rahman 1 week ago
Doesn't look staged rvp really enjoying this. What a guy. Sky sports must be burning
SaBr Dragon 1 week ago
It hurt when he moved to From Arsenal to United But he’s always been a class player and unlike Sanchez he actually performed at United and I wish the best for him in retirement
MP023456 1 week ago
I'm an Arsenal fan but I hold no animosity towards Van Persie. His transfer hurt me the most out of everyone we lost during those years and i was quite bitter when it originally happened however I feel his decision was vindicated as our club at the time were starting to regress and he managed to clinch the elusive PL title. One of my favourite ever players and an absolute baller.
Loco 1 week ago
do one with anelka, video will take 3 years
Graham Davis 1 week ago
Never thought I'd ever hear RvP say the words "Alexi Lalas "
GRANADIER FC 1 week ago
Robin and Robben were such a player of their generation. They created their own era. I wish they won the world cup
Deanz Beber 1 week ago
As a non biased arsenal fan van persie had the most insane technique from any player I've ever seen.
Thomas Ma 1 week ago
Dutch Prodigy when Dennis Bergkamp was retiring, was very happy RvP arrived as a Dutch in Arsenal.

Was very keen following every game and watch RvP grow as a player. The goals was just crazy, as the shots getting more lethal and free kicks... I knew RvP can take Netherlands far and that WC dream... So close. Still hoping NL will win the WC. Why I was so keen on RvP, we are from the same generation. When RvP joined Man Utd, my father very happy but as an Arsenal fan, I was upset. Knew RvP was at his prime lol. But understood it from RvP point of view, Arsenal was not trying hard enough to challenge for the EPL. So, fair enough. It reminded me of Titi's exit. Emotional. But RvP dealt with the exit with precision. Lol. The rest was history.

Just proud when he was in an Arsenal & KNVB shirt.

That 2014 revenge on Spain, big statement. 😎
I am a liverpool fan and RVP is a legend i have nothing but respect for his achievements 👏
Deanz Beber 1 week ago
Should have asked him where he got his insane technique from. Those volleys against Charlton, Everton, Aston villa. Insane
Abraham Chinye 1 week ago
What I wore: Mason Greenwood***

Edit: never realised RVP was such a nice guy damn!
Comes across incredibly well here.