I Found The END Portal In Minecraft - Part 25



Anas Khatib 4 days ago
Jack one of your dogs is making sad Irish noises
Feed him/her !!! Probably he/she has low health
Ghosssty Yolk 3 days ago
31:26 it's not broken, he just drinks an invisibility potion when it becomes night.
Sydney S 3 days ago
just break the silverfish spawner in the end portal room. it has no use to u it’s just annoying
So how do people not know the ender dragon is a woman i mean the thing leys a egg
Katie Moss 3 days ago
The traveling merchant drinks an invisibility potion at night so mobs won’t kill him (:
Blue Zerg 4 days ago
Jack: says he got unlucky stronghold

Stronghold: has mineshaft, dungeon and enchanted gapple in it
Julieta Galvan 3 days ago
Jack*opens door *
Also jack:*decides to just dig the wall by door*
mclovin064 3 days ago
Just imagine how many baby chucks are living outside Ireland now
Brendan Hary 3 days ago
Jack, “I want to build a mob grinder”
The stacks of cobblestone Jack is throwing in the lava, “you will regret this”
frengk 3 days ago
Jack! You have to type these commands, in order to play in this snapshot:
/gamerule doInsomnia true
/gamerule drowningDamage true
/gamerule fallDamage true
/gamerule fireDamage true
Diego Biel 4 days ago
Also Jack fore warning you can’t leave the End until you kill the Ender Dragon or you can fall into the Void and Lose everything
Rufus Comasky 2 days ago
Put a golden pressure plate on top of the cauldronfor the pot of gold
Jasmine Bisset 3 days ago
Awesome, the Gaelic Gladiator will conquer the dragon!

Also one of your dogs needs fed, he is whining. ❤️
AalaGrace 3 days ago
"Why am I here?" I was waiting for him to say how did we get here? Do you have 90 mins? >.< hehe
TheWaffleLord 2 days ago
Honestly Jack, you should downgrade back to 1.14.4
The current snapshot you're playing in has some pretty intense bugs, like the fact that you literally can't take any fall damage or fire damage.
Snapshots are almost always super buggy, you should stick to the official releases, at least for your main worlds.
Making a test world to mess around with new features is totally cool though.


Edit #1:
Downgrading your world shouldn't corrupt anything, but I'd make some backups of the world just to be safe.

If you really do want to stay in the snapshot, the commands below should make you take damage again:

/gamerule drowningDamage true
/gamerule fallDamage true
/gamerule fireDamage true
Super VB 3 days ago
chuck is the water sheep of jacksepticeyes world
hey jack if you get diamond boots with fire protection than you can pretty much stand in lava without taking damage. plz like so maybe jack will see

edit: sry forgot to mention that it has to be fire protection IV for it to be any good
You can use those eggs to make pumpkin pie and cake
Sean prob made a whole civilization of chickens outside his home by throwing the eggs over the walls
Azboy4God 3 days ago
Jack: "Wow! Bane of Arthropods and Fire Aspect one?! This is a great terrible sword!*