2019 Italian Grand Prix: Race Highlights



Rick Mulder 6 days ago
Stroll: “he just came back on the circuit like an idiot”

Engineer: copy that

Stroll: copies
Ed Stark 6 days ago
Stroll: " Vettel just came back on the track like an idiot! "

Engineer : "Copy that"
Stroll: "ok"
Wtf is going on with Renault?? Did they steal a Mercedes Chassis and Engine and paint it yellow??
Hadzic Rae 6 days ago
“This win is yours Valtteri”
Bottas: I’m about to end my own career
Andrea Roll 5 days ago
you can win a F1 race and you'll be treated like a winner.
you can win a F1 world championship and you'll be treated like a champion.
and you can win a F1 grand prix in Monza as a ferrari Driver and you'll be treated like a LIVING GOD.
You know it was a good race if it takes them 4 hours to post the highlights
Joe Cheang 6 days ago
Epic driving for Leclerc under tremendous pressure from the two Mercedes. Bravo!
Jack 4 days ago
Hamilton: Here comes trouble...
Bottas: And make it double!

Leclerc: No.

Mercedes: We’re blasting off again!
Hamilton: "I need more power"
Engineer: Copy Lewis.
Last Lap
Engineer: Ok Valtteri you've got full power.
Hamilton: Am I a joke to you?
"Hey Charles, I know you had a tough weekend last race, but if you win again, please don't be shy about celebrating"
Harry Redshaw 6 days ago
Stroll: "Vettel just came back on the track like an idiot"

Engineer: Copy that

Stroll: copies
iNTERS22 5 days ago
Gotta love Leclerc's celebration, so much emotion!
Jrsml 1 day ago
Did you know there are four mercedes and the two of them are painted yellow 😶😶😶
Tan Ryan 4 days ago
Warm Greeting from Malaysia. Im a big fan of Ferrari. This moment is so emotional. All the hard work and effort from Ferrari team. This is the moment that they been waiting for so long. Well done..Bravo..Chales Leclerc have amazing f1 skills.
Tiago André 3 days ago
Without no extra power, without extra mods, without team mate support, this guy crushed everybody and he deserve everybit of it! The problem? he wants more and more, and they will get weaker and weaker struggling to speak out to the teams radio asking for more "power", theres no power that is going to help you, the new kid is on the block, HAMMER TIME FERRARI, forza TiFFOSI, forza ITALIA!
Stroll : "He came back on the circuit like an Idiot!"

Also Stroll : Comes back on the circuit like an idiot
Everyone is happy when their own favorite team wins, but here in Italy it's different ... seeing Ferrari win at Monza raises those historical emotions and passions that only Italians know how to feel deeply from the bottom of our hearts.
Grazie Charles, grazie Ferrari.
CyanWise 6 days ago
I think Hamilton went wide so he won't get ordered to let Bottas through 😆
Lester Paul 6 days ago
that was the best strategy iv seen from ferrari this season so far.. hard tires do lasts.. congrats leclerc! winning streak activated.. :)
Vettel: "I did some donuts practice for next year"