I built a TNT CANNON in Minecraft (part 7)



MustStefZ 6 days ago
Which game is better

Like - Minecraft
Comment - Fortnite
Its Locky 5 days ago
petition form Lazarbeam to kill the
elder guardian
Kim Dixon 5 days ago
kills chicken

5 seconds later:

“we don’t hurt animals”
Lazarbeam: Alex is the weirdest guy I ever meet

Also Lazarbeam: builds giant d*ck in minecraft as a home base
There’s a guy called Fortnite central who made a video that says “ninja reacts to Lazarbeam killing the ended dragon”!! Pls do something about it if you can!
Ur nan 6 days ago
Lazrbeam needs to change the floor under the chickens to hoppers so he gets there eggs

Like so he can see this!
Lazy beam: i’ve never seen a better melon shower:

Minecraft expert: Hold my controller
Jamie Elliott 3 days ago
“I’ve never seen a better looking melon shower”

Me:Is that what a melon shower looks like
Cloudy The Cat 4 days ago
LazarBeam: Kills the EnderDragon

Also Lazar Beam: WhAt tHe HeLL Is ThAt It’s GrAbInG oN To Me!!
David Wang 4 days ago
Only Lennon can literally fight a knot (3:20)
I respect this man for breaking every game he plays
Is he saying stoinks instead of stonks on purpose?? I’m genuinely asking.
Herox 4 days ago
Lazarbeam kills a chicken

10 seconds later: I’m a vegan i dont heart animals
Purple Hyper 5 days ago
When in-game sound doesn't work (not just the recording) press F3+T to reload textures and audio
Patrick Kane 5 days ago
Me: I just killed the Ender dragon, I need to do some enchanting
Lazarbeam: I just killed the Ender dragon, I need to have a melon shower
eggdragon42 6 days ago
You should have gotten the elytra in the end. In order to do that, after you killed the ender dragon (which u did), ANOTher portal appears, and in order to enter it, you must throw an ender pearl into it and then you go into it. Then you can farm some CHORUS FRUITS if u want and then u travel to find a base. The elytra is hidden inside a flying ship nearby it. Also, might want to bring some feather falling btw. Also, u can use fireworks while flying with the elytra for some HUGE RANGE. Like plz so Lazar can see this ._.

edit: Also Lazar at 10:28, it is a sea temple, and in there lays a prize...
Dobster 343 2 days ago
How did you get infinite TNT with that one TNT block?
Lazarbeam: "it is so hard having this big of a brain"

Pewds: "BIG BRAIN"
Teo Flores 5 days ago
Upload more I keep on watching the same videos because u are the best youtuber
Bro the skeleton just killed the creeper and you got a music disc that’s awesome but u didn’t even notice!!!